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Consulting services - Developing workplace management

In our experience organisations spend a significant proportion of their resources building their leadership capabilities. While this is important it often comes at the expense of developing sound management capabilities within an organisation.

For example, first-time managers often find themselves in a position that is both exciting and challenging. Many first-time managers find the transition from individual contributor to people manager difficult, daunting, surprising and frustrating. Countless research findings have demonstrated that there is a strong relationship between management capabilities and problems relating to performance, engagement and retention, just to name a few.

At Irrelach, we believe in developing good managers and strong leaders. Our experience in developing work place based learning solutions that are targeted and tailored to your individual business needs, means that you receive a solution that is built specifically for you. Some of the areas we can help you with include:

  • Preparing first-time managers for the challenges they may face in their transition from individual contributor to new manager.
  • Understanding the crucial differences between an employees previous role and what they can expect as a manager.
  • Understanding team dynamics and the balance of power and influence.
  • Understanding individual learning styles.
  • Learning how to adjust management style to meet their team or business units performance needs.
  • Learning how to build effective, well-functioning teams.
  • Learning techniques for coping with the stress of becoming a manager.
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