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Consulting services – Facilitation support

At Irrelach we view facilitation as a process that helps groups and teams deliver their stated goals. Our techniques are grounded in a solid understanding of group processes and dynamics.

It’s our belief that successful facilitation involves:

  • Extensive knowledge of group processes that formulate and deliver the needed structure meeting or group interactions need to be successful.
  • A clear focus on managing an effective meeting process that allows participants to focus on the content or substance of their work together.
  • A balance between a clear process and the delivery of content.
  • An extensive tool bag of processes, techniques and methods that ensure people can interact productively with each other, including how decisions are made and giving everyone a voice.

Our extensive experience in facilitation services for multinational and blue chip companies in the pharmaceutical, FMCG, high-tech and telecommunications industries means we can share our knowledge, experience and professionalism with you.

We’ve helped to build, manage and support a number of different teams requiring a range of outcomes. From manufacturing process improvement to multi-million dollar, geographically dispersed projects our experience includes:

  • Product category teams.
  • Asia-Pacific product category teams.
  • Global product category teams.
  • Project teams.
  • Product innovation teams.
  • Rapid action teams.
  • Operational teams.
  • Leadership teams.
  • Executive teams.
  • Sales and marketing strategy kick-offs.
  • Business planning.
  • Operations planning.
  • Product and brand planning workshops.
  • Organisation restructure planning workshops.


case study



An underperforming team with unclear direction.


Part of a major Australian bank New senior manager leading a team of functional experts.


  • To develop a clear roadmap for improving the team’s effectiveness.
  • To increase the personal accountability and responsibility taken by each individual within the team.
  • To improve customer satisfaction through clearer team interaction and effectiveness.


A new business unit leader Changing expectations Minimal existing team integration and development Constant and increasing business pressure for the team to deliver results.


We designed and facilitated a half-day team effectiveness meeting outlining the current challenges the team faced and mapping their future opportunities. The team identified and agreed to prioritised actions and measures of success so that each team member was committed to achieving the ultimate goal of the group.


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