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Top reasons to outsource your human resource services

1. Provides higher quality human resource services to your organisation

2. Reduces and controls your human resource operating costs

3. Gains your company access to skills and expertise not available in-house

4. Frees your staff up from administrative and transactional duties

5. Gains your company access to technologies not available in-house

6. Off-loads activities that are not directly contributing to your organisation’s competitiveness

Note: These are based on the Hewitt Survey

Our seven key strategies to building a successful outsourcing relationship

1. Create a relationship or partnership We believe the strength of our relationship with you is the most important way to service your needs

2. Understand the company culture We understand the importance of reflecting your company culture to your employees

3. Have compatible goals We clearly communicate our goals to ensure our mindset is aligned with yours

4. Due diligence We conduct a thorough human resource audit and define upfront how we will deliver the service so you know what’s working and what’s not

5. Manage the culture change We know there is often some resistance to change so we work with you to ensure you know what’s happening every step of the way

6. Handle the glitches We approach glitches as a problem-solving activity; we get to the root of the cause and fix it.

7. Use outsourcing to increase productivity We free-up your key people working on human resource matters so they’re able to continue working on other important parts of your business.


HR gets the Web 2.0 touch
by Simon Sharwood
[Sydney Morning Herald 29/05/07]

Like almost everyone else in Australia, Jodie Dickson is tired of hearing about the minutiae involved in the nation's industrial relations system.

Ms Dickson, however, cannot afford to ignore those details. The Mount Pritchard and District Community Club (better known as Mounties) where she is human resources manager employs 600 people, 70 per cent of whom are employed under Australian Workplace Agreements.

Click here to read full article [PDF]

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