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Managing change within your organisation is critical. The short-term business impact on your revenue and costs, as well as the long-term impact on your brand can really damage your business if you don’t deal with change correctly. In our experience, the most significant reason why the change interventions we design and implement are successful is because we focus on building commitment by dealing with resistance and leveraging support in a simple, straight-forward and pragmatic way.

In our experience there are a number of key change management objectives that govern the solutions an organisation puts into place. Firstly, the successful implementation of deliverables and business benefits need to be supported through: increased change readiness in impacted areas; managing staff expectations so that they’re able to absorb future changes more readily; and coordinating communication, training and structured interventions. The organisation also needs to ensure that its performance does not suffer during the change period.

At Irrelach we consider a number of important principles when implementing a strategy for change. These include:

  • People must be prepared for change.
  • The change approach is built on a combination of lessons learned from other internal and external experiences of change.
  • There must be consultation but not necessarily consensus.
  • The change process needs to be transparent and open.
  • Change must be driven and owned by the business.
  • All actions need to be simple, straight-forward and to-the-point

Business benefits of managing workplace change are:

  • Reduces and manages the potential risks to ongoing business performance.
  • Maintains high levels of employee engagement and commitment.
  • Reduces the risk of losing critical staff.
  • Minimises business disruption.
  • Ensures the business benefits of the change program are realised.


Our Change Management experiences include:


  • Merging of two global organizations locally: management and up-skilling of managers to sustainably implement organizational changes.
  • Merging of two local food-based businesses.

High Technology

  • Implementation of change management strategies designed to build engagement and renewal, post a major organizational restructure and change in business operating model.
  • Design and delivery of change management workshops throughout Asia Pacific.
  • Managed the change management process related to a significant New Business Acquisition.

Global eCommerce

  • Provision of ongoing change management support and guidance during significant business growth.


  • Led the implementation of change management support for a $250 million CRM/ Billing Replacement project.
  • Project Managed the restructuring and refocusing of a significant Human Resources team.



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